The Warleader is a promoted unit from the Warrior. His passive is Heavy Impact. He has a base movement range of 4-tiles.

Ability: Forge AheadEdit

 Forge Ahead!

The Warleader uses his experience in battle to issue commands to allies, moving them next in line in initiative.

By re-positioning his allies' turn order, the Warleader can create new strategies such as giving archers guerilla tactics, triggering abilities earlier than usual or sling-shotting a powerful ally to the back lines.

Rank 1:  command adjacent allies

Rank 2:  command allies within 4 spaces

Rank 3:  command allies at any range

Passive: Heavy ImpactEdit

The warrior hits so hard that any enemies standing adjacent to his target on a strength attack take 1 strength damage from the shockwave.

Hitting a large target like a Varl or Dredge who takes up four tiles can potentially cause an impact across many more victims than hitting a single-square target such as a human.


Movement: 4 tiles

Range Stat
5 - 12 Armor
9 - 15 Strength
5 - 9 Willpower
1 - 3 Exertion
0 - 4 Break
Rank Stat points
1 31
2 32
3 33