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The Siege Archer is a promoted unit from the Archer. Like the Archer, her passive is Puncture.  She has an attack range of 5-tiles and a base movement range of 3-tiles.

Ability: Slag and BurnEdit

Slag and Burn

The Siege Archer throws a 5-tile area of slag onto the ground which explodes immediately, doing 1 strength damage, plus armor damage to the unit at the center. It also leaves randomly placed burning coals on unoccupied tiles. If targeting an empty tile, coals always appear on the center tile first. Enemies who walk over the burning coals take 1 strength damage.

Note: As of build 1.7.43, Slag and Burn does a fixed amount of armor damage instead of being based on the Siege Archer's break stat.

Rank 1:  1 armor damage, 1 strength damage + up to 2 coals

Rank 2:  2 armor damage, 1 strength damage + up to 3 coals

Rank 3:  3 armor damage, 1 strength damage + up to 4 coals

Passive: PunctureEdit

By standing still, the archer is able to line up a shot that takes advantage of an enemies missing armor, doing bonus damage.

For every 2 points of armor her target has lost, the archer gains 1 additional strength to her attack, as long as she didn't move beforehand. This makes her especially deadly near the end of a fight, or against tough opponents who have lost a lot of armor.


Movement: 3 tiles

Range Stat
4 - 9 Armor
4 - 7 Strength
6 - 13 Willpower
1 - 3 Exertion
0 - 2 Break
Rank Stat points
1 26
2 27
3 28