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The Bowmaster is a promoted unit from the Archer. Like the Archer, her passive is Puncture.  She has an attack range of 5-tiles and a base movement range of 3-tiles.

Ability: Bird of PreyEdit

Bird of Prey

The Bowmaster uses her longbow to shoot further than other less experience archers, and she always hits her mark.

Bird of Prey makes it possible for her to strike units before they are able to get in attack range and allows her passive, Puncture, to be used against more enemies who may have been out of range from a normal shot... keeping the enemy uneasy.

Rank 1:  attack at +2 range, 100% chance to hit

Rank 2:  attack at +3 range, 100% chance to hit

Rank 3:  attack at +4 range, 100% chance to hit

Passive: PunctureEdit

By standing still, the archer is able to line up a shot that takes advantage of an enemies missing armor, doing bonus damage.

For every 2 points of armor her target has lost, the archer gains 1 additional strength to her attack, as long as she didn't move beforehand. This makes her especially deadly near the end of a fight, or against tough opponents who have lost a lot of armor.


Movement: 3 tiles

Range Stat
4 - 9 Armor
4 - 8 Strength
5 - 12 Willpower
1 - 3 Exertion
1 - 2 Break
Rank Stat points
1 26
2 27
3 28
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