The archer is the ranged starting unit. Her passive is Puncture. She can be recruited from the Mead House. Since she is a starting unit, her Stats are already at their peak. She has an attack range of 5-tiles and a movement range of 3-tiles.


After achieving 5 total kills, the Archer is eligible for promotion to one of the following classes:

Bowmaster Siege Archer Skystriker
Siege Archer


As a starting unit, the archer does not have an ability. 

Passive: PunctureEdit

By standing still, the archer is able to line up a shot that takes advantage of an enemies missing armor, doing bonus damage.

For every 2 points of armor her target has lost, the archer gains 1 additional strength to her attack, as long as she didn't move beforehand. This makes her especially deadly near the end of a fight, or against tough opponents who have lost a lot of armor.


Movement: 3 tiles

Value Stat
7 Armor
7 Strength
8 Willpower
2 Exertion
1 Break